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Alumni & Friends

Jerry Wright, Chair

Jerry Wright, Chair

Political science is one of the most popular majors in the College of Arts & Sciences at IUB. That’s because faculty bring their research to the classroom each day, taking students to the frontiers of knowledge about politics and governance. It is an exciting intellectual environment, and we’re very grateful to those who help make it possible—our alumni and friends.

Alumni and friends support us by encouraging prospective students to enroll at IUB, and by recommending talented students to us for admission and financial aid. Supporters provide internship opportunities for undergraduate majors in political science, and some of them mentor students with similar interests and concerns.

We are especially dependent on alumni and friends for undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, and endowed faculty positions. These contributions enable us to recruit the very best students of politics, which in turn improves the learning for all. If you are able to make a financial contribution, be assured that we will invest these resources wisely.

Wherever you are, it’s easy to stay in touch with us. Check our website for updates on awards, publications, programs, and new campus initiatives. Whenever you get back to campus, check our calendar of events for lectures or other presentations by leading scholars and political leaders from around the world. The events are free and open to the public, and you’ll almost certainly have an opportunity to meet the political science faculty or students in attendance. After all, politics influences all aspects of social life, so there’s rarely any topic that fails to interest at least some of our ever-curious faculty and students.

Jerry Wright, Chair