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Timothy Tilton
Professor Emeritus

Timothy Tilton

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  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 1972

Professor Tilton's main field of interest is the theory and the politics of the welfare state, and local government. For nine of the last thirteen summers Tilton has pursued research in Sweden on the politics of the welfare state and the ideological devel opment of Swedish Social Democracy. Some of the results of this research appear in The Case for the Welfare State (co-author Norman Furniss); articles on Ernst Wigforss (Swedish Social Democracy's great theorist); and various pieces in Scandinavian Studie s. A book on the political theory of Swedish Social Democracy is in progress. Earlier Tilton conducted research in northern Germany comparing the bases of electoral support for Nazism and Neo-Nazism, the results of which appeared in Nazism, Neo-Nazism, a nd the Peasantry. Tilton has also written on de Tocqueville, American social welfare policy, and Swedish political development.