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Indiana University Bloomington

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Armando Razo
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies


Woodburn Hall 402 | (812) 855-6308 | Send Email

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  • B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993 
  • M.A. Stanford University, 1996
  • M.S. Stanford University, 2001
  • Ph.D. Stanford University, 2003

Prof. Armando Razo researches how informal and formal institutions affect economic behavior in developing countries.  On the theoretical side, he develops mathematical and computational models to develop clear theories about the impact of social and political networks on economic behavior.  He is also engaged in a project that uses tools of computational linguistics to systematize interdisciplinary work on networks and internal development.  On a more applied side, he is interested in applying statistical network methods to the study of economic history and policy networks, again with a focus on international development.  He is affiliated with the Ostrom Workshop ( and the Indiana University Network Science Institute (, where he served on the Founding Scientific Leadership Team and currently serves as co-PI of a new Dual PhD degree in Network Science (

His teaching includes courses on networks and institutions, quantitative contextual analysis, political economy of development, positive political economy, and Latin American politics.  He is the author of Social Foundations of Limited Dictatorship (2008), which advances a network theory of private policymaking applicable to different regimes.  A student of economic history, he is also co-author with Stephen Haber and Noel Maurer of The Politics of Property Rights (2003). He has published articles in the Journal of Theoretical Politics, World Politics, the Journal of Economic History, and the Journal of Latin American Studies.