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Trustees Teaching Award

Trustees Teaching Awards

The Trustees Teaching Awards were established to recognize and enhance excellent teaching at Indiana University, especially at the undergraduate level.

Tenured or tenure-track faculty, or full-time lecturers or clinical faculty whose primary duty is teaching, who have demonstrated that they are the best teachers, are eligible for this award of $2,500.

The IUB Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs is responsible for establishing and supervising the procedures for determining the award recipients.

On the Bloomington campus, awardees are selected by processes set by the individual schools. Political Science administers the Trustee Teaching Award through its faculty Personnel Committee (PC), which reviews a variety of teaching measures in making its recommendations. In the Department of Political Science, the PC selects winners based on its evaluation of teaching performance in the previous calendar year and submits nominees to the College of Arts and Sciences. Review of course syllabi, pedagogical materials, instructional loads, student evaluations, student awards, and peer review provide the evidentiary basis for this evaluation.

Recent Trustees Teaching Award Recipients:

2017 Judy Failer

2016 Christopher DeSante, Cyanne Loyle

2015 Lauren MacLean, Regina Smyth

2014 Jacek Dalecki, Christopher DeSante, Bernard Fraga

2013 Jacek Dalecki, Lauren MacLean, Regina Smyth

2012 Aurelian Craiutu, Marjorie Hershey

2011 Jack Bielasiak, Yanna Krupnikov

2010 Marjorie Hershey, Elinor Ostrom

2009 Marjorie Hershey, Lauren MacLean

2008 Marjorie Hershey, Karen Rasler

2007 Russell Hanson, Marjorie Hershey