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The Political Science Department honors many accomplishments of our graduate students annually by offering a series of prestigious awards generously funded by alumni and other friends. One of the highpoints of the academic year is our Graduate Achievement and Awards Ceremony, where students, faculty, and staff come together to celebrate our students’ hard work and numerous achievements.

Katherine C. Greenough Award for Best Dissertation of the Year
Our department’s most prestigious award is given annually to the graduate who has written an outstanding dissertation. Many previous winners have pursued illustrious careers in the discipline.

John V. Gillespie Memorial Scholarship
Recipients of this award are outstanding graduate students who have demonstrated superior analytical abilities and research skills in positive political theory, mathematical modeling, or the use of quantitative methods to the study of political phenomena.

Associate Instructor of the Year Award
Awarded annually to those students who have exhibited excellence in teaching.

Benjamin A. Most Memorial Award
This award is given annually to an outstanding student to support research in the area of international relations.

John P. Lovell Award
Awarded annually to students of international relations to support travel and research.

Department of Political Science Best Graduate Student Paper
Awarded annually to students who have authored outstanding seminar-length (e.g., 30pp.) and/or conference papers. Many of these papers have subsequently been published.   

Department of Political Science Graduate Leadership Award
Awarded to students who have exhibited special leadership skills and who have worked to strengthen a sense of community among our graduate students and within the department as a whole.

Graduate School Internal Awards and Fellowships
Many of our students are recipients of prestigious graduate school awards and fellowships, for which the department typically nominates them.