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Procedures for eclectic minors

At the behest of the Indiana University Graduate School, if a graduate student intends to declare an eclectic academic minor, the student is responsible for submitting to the Graduate Office the list of four courses as well as a title for the eclectic minor at the conclusion of the progress review process. The student may obtain a copy of the form from Chris in the Graduate Office. The chair of the student’s committee will also need to submit a letter, which explains the coherence and relevance of the minor to the student’s substantive program of study. The DGS will then prepare a letter in support of the proposed eclectic minor. The eclectic minor application will, subsequently, be forwarded to the IU Graduate School.

If you have any questions, let us know. If you have an eclectic minor and you have not completed the new paperwork, kindly see Chris in the Graduate Office.