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Outside Minor

The outside minor in Political Science is subject to few rules and regulations. Since graduate students desiring to complete work in Political Science come from a wide variety of disciplines, an outside minor program is arranged for each student individually. The only set requirement is that a student must complete a minimum of 12 hours of graduate Political Science course work. Courses carrying graduate credit in Political Science are listed in the Graduate School Bulletin. All other courses offered in Political Science do not carry graduate credit. In all cases, an outside minor in Political Science should comply with the following procedures.

  1. The student must select an outside minor advisor from the Department of Political Science. Each year the Department publishes “Faculty Teaching and Research Interests” which details basic information to graduate students about the faculty in the Department. Students can obtain a copy of this document in the Department’s Graduate Office. (Woodburn Hall 210).
  2. Together with his outside minor advisor, the student arranges a program of study (12 hours of graduate credit minimum). This program has no specific courses required, but should comprise a set of courses that best satisfy the student’s interests. Each semester the Department publishes “Selected Graduate Course Descriptions.” This document describes the materials to be covered in each graduate course being offered in the Department and is a supplement to the Graduate Bulletin. It is available six weeks prior to the beginning of each semester in the Department’s Graduate Office.
  3. The student’s outside minor advisor determines whether or not examinations will be required (both written and oral). The Department leaves the examination at the option of the outside minor advisor.
  4. Questions concerning the outside minor in Political Science should be addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science, Woodburn Hall 210.