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Graduate students on the job market

Dear Colleagues,

The Department of Political Science at Indiana University is pleased to announce our job candidates for the 2017-2018 academic year.  This page provides access to their individual profiles, which include a brief synopsis of teaching and research interests, dissertation projects, CVs, and links to personal webpages.   These profiles may be accessed from the alphabetical roster shown on this page or through a shorter list generated by selecting a particular specialty under “List by subfield."

We train both researchers and teachers, and this approach is reflected in a placement record that includes both research universities as well as liberal arts colleges.  Recent placements include Michigan State University, University of Iowa, Kansas State University, University of Nebraska, University of Houston, University of Oklahoma, Washington College, San Francisco State University, Illinois State University, University of New Mexico, Kennesaw State University, Spring Hill College, and Grinnell College.

On the research front, the study of Political Science has a rich and long tradition here at Indiana University; indeed, we recently celebrated our first centennial.  That tradition is reflected in a diverse department that trains its PhD students in all the major subfields of the discipline along with other specialties such as public policy through a Joint PhD degree with the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.  In the course of their training, IU doctoral students are exposed to a range of across subfields and, through eclectic minor requirements and other campus opportunities, extensive coursework in other departments.

Our department is serious about developing first-rate instructors.  Students are expected to develop and teach their own courses.  One of our distinctions is that we regularly offer in-house teaching workshops and allow many of our students to acquire extensive experience teaching their own courses.  We also encourage our students to take advantage of other campus resources to become better teachers.   For instance, some of them work closely with staff at the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning to further hone their teaching skills.  Our students have also frequently serve as graduate assistants the Indiana Statistical Consulting Center.

As you consider your hiring needs, we invite you to take a close look at our students and thank you in advance for your consideration.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information about any of our students.

Timothy Hellwig
Graduate Placement Director
Department of Political Science
Indiana University