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Graduate students on the job market: Theory and Methods

Alex AntonyAlex Antony
akantony at

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Research Interests: Interstate conflict and peace processes, economic causes of war and peace, international security, regional economic and political development, network analysis, spatial econometrics, time-series cross-sectional

Teaching Interests: Introduction to International Relations, Political Science Research Methods/Statistics, Causes of War and Peace, US Foreign Policy

Dissertation Title: "Piecing Together the Peaces: Industrialization and the Rise of Zones of Peace"

Dissertation Description: My dissertation project focuses on explaining regional variation in conflict and peace. In particular, I uncover the specific combination of factors that drive some regions to evolve into "zones of peace", while others remain embroiled in conflict. Using new methods in spatial econometrics, I first find that the geographic diffusion of industrialization tends to drive regional patterns of democratization, border settlement, and economic interdependence. I then show that these common factors associated with peace play differential roles in movement "up the peace ladder". Finally, I show that "zones of peace" tend to evolve from dyadic positive peace relationships to dense webs of ties through such network factors as preferential attachment and triadic closure. Together, these findings shed new light on the pathways through which states and regions transition from conflict to cooperation.

Dissertation Committee: William R. Thompson (chair), Karen Rasler, William K. Winecoff, Weihua An (Emory University)

Alex BadasAlex Badas
abadas at

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Research Interests: Judicial politics; public opinion; decision-making in institutions; political psychology

Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law and Politics; Judicial Politics; Public Opinion; Political Institutions; Political Psychology; Research Design; Survey Design

Dissertation Title: "The Public’s Motivated Response to Supreme Court Decision-Making"

Dissertation Committee: Eileen Braman (chair), Edward Carmines, Matthew Hayes, Mary Murphy (Department of Psychology)

Peer Reviewed Articles: Badas, Alex and Katelyn E. Stauffer. Forthcoming. “Someone like Me: Descriptive Representation and Support for Supreme Court Nominees.” Political Research Quarterly.

Badas, Alex. 2017. “The Public’s Motivated Response to Supreme Court Decision-Making.” Justice System Journal. 37(4) 318-330.

Additional Training: The Summer Institute in Political Psychology, Stanford University. 2013

Laura BucciLaura Bucci
labucci at


Bucci, Laura C. Forthcoming. "Organized Labor's Check on Rising Economic Inequality in the U.S. States" State Politics and Policy Quarterly.

Research and teaching interests: State and Local Politics; Inequality; Political Behavior; Representation; Elections and Voting; Interest Groups; Parties and Partisanship; Quantitative and Experimental Methodology

Dissertation Title: "Union Decline and Its Consequences for Political Voice: A Look at the American States"

This dissertation examines the consequences of declining state level unionization to the political and economic voice of economically disadvantaged citizens. In three papers based on the theme of lessened voice, I argue that in states with stronger unionization there is greater individual participation, less economic inequality, and more government responsiveness.

Dissertation Committee: Gerald C. Wright (Chair), Christopher DeSante, Bernard L. Fraga, Marjorie R. Hershey, Joseph Varga (Labor Studies)

Matthew FowlerMatthew Fowler
mrfowler at


Research and teaching interests: Race, Ethnicity, and Politics; Public Opinion; Ideology, Partisanship, and Polarization; Southern Politics; Quantitative and Experimental Methodology

Dissertation Title: “White Group Consciousness and Dwindling Dominance: The Meaning of Linked Fate Among White Americans in a Changing Demographic Landscape”

Dissertation Committee: Edward Carmines (chair), Christopher DeSante, Matthew Hayes, Bernard Fraga, Stephen Benard (Sociology)

Katelyn StuafferKatelyn Stauffer
kastauff at

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Research & Teaching Interests: Women and Politics, Political Behavior, Representation, Public Opinion, Race and Ethnicity Politics, Electoral Politics, Quantitative and Experimental Methods.

Dissertation Title: "Assessing the Concept of Representation: Understanding How Descriptive Considerations Influence Citizen Evaluations of Representation."

Dissertation Description: This dissertation uses original survey and experimental data to examine how Americans use information about women's collective representation (even if incorrect) to evaluate the substantive, symbolic, and formalistic representation provided by political institutions.

Dissertation Committee: Gerald Wright (chair), Diana O'Brien, Edward Carmines, Bernard Fraga, Matthew Hayes (Rice University)