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Indiana University Bloomington

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Indiana University takes pride in its numerous area studies programs, national resource centers, and foreign language programs, which provide graduate students with the opportunity to achieve language fluency and in-depth knowledge of a particular region of the world. Graduate students in political science are also encouraged to take advantage of the methodological and substantive courses offered in related departments.

Area Studies and Resource Centers and The Center for the Study of Global Change: As a result of efforts dating back to World War II, Indiana University is a major center of international studies and is home to a number of federally- and foundation-funded area study centers, as well as language and literature programs.

Foreign Language Programs: More than 50 different languages are offered at IU as regular courses, some of which are not taught anywhere else in the US. Two prestigious intensive language programs are held each summer: The East Asian Summer Language Institute and the Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European and Central Asian Languages.

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