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Subfields: Political Philosophy

The graduate program in political philosophy at Indiana University offers a broad range of courses on the nature and role of political philosophy. Our department has great strengths in modern and contemporary political philosophy, especially in the areas of democratic theory, liberalism, Continental and American political thought. We emphasize how political philosophy can contribute to the study of important contemporary issues such as modernization, globalization, democratic consolidation, civic engagement, globalization, terrorism and the rule of law. There are seven full-time faculty in the Department of Political Science currently teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in political philosophy. Moreover, our graduate students can also take courses with affiliated faculty from other departments (Philosophy, Germanic Studies, French and Italian, Religious Studies, Communication and Culture, History, and the Law School.

Our program also hosts a Political Theory Luncheon which provides excellent opportunities for graduate students to meet with guest speakers.

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Faculty in this subfield

Judy  Failer

Judy Failer

(812) 855-6308
Woodburn Hall, 325
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Jeffrey  Isaac

Jeffrey Isaac

(812) 855-8605
Woodburn Hall, 415
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William E. Scheuerman

William E. Scheuerman

(812) 855-6308
Woodburn Hall 358
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Luis  Fuentes-Rohwer

Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

(812) 855-5003
Baier Hall 344
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