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Indiana University Bloomington

Woodburn Hall facilities


Social Science Resource Center

The Social Science Resource Center (SSRC) is the culmination of five years of planning to stimulate, coordinate, and sustain social science research on the Bloomington campus. Thanks to the commitment of the College, OVPR, Office of the Provost, and OVPIT, a centrally located space is being renovated and upgraded.  The result will be a state of the art facility for social science that can be a prototype for longer range plans to establish a digital commons at IUB. 

Social science units in Bloomington are among the most highly ranked units on campus. With appropriate infrastructure, technology and support they can become national leaders in their disciplines and generate substantial overhead from grants obtained from public agencies and private foundations.  Indeed, services already implemented have (1) significantly increased grant acquisition for the social sciences; (2) served broad disciplinary oversight and created new opportunities for collaboration; (3) resulted in new efficiencies in staffing; and (4) provided in-depth training opportunities to faculty and students. 

The SSRC will be a multidisciplinary resource on campus where diverse technologies, the management of and access to data, training in methods and research design, and grant support are brought together in a collaborative environment specific to the concerns of social scientists. It is a center that will provide a front door to the Consortium for Education and Social Science Research (CESSR) in developing external funding opportunities, and fostering a network of researchers and ideas.  The SSRC will expand the vast and varied training opportunities of the Workshop in Methods (WIM); and it will realize the original vision of the Bureau for Social Science Research (BSSR) of a broad, collaborative infrastructure in support of the social sciences, providing faculty and students with all the tools necessary to advance and fund their research.

Interdisciplinary Experimental Laboratory

The Interdisciplinary Experimental Laboratory (IELab) at Indiana University is devoted to cutting edge experimental research in the behavioral sciences. The laboratory enables faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates at Indiana University, as well as other universities and agencies, to participate in the exploration of social science theories related to individual and group behaviors, with the purpose of developing more powerful theories of social interaction. A primary mission of the laboratory is the pursuit of spatially explicit research that can analyze how complex social and environmental stimuli affect human behavior. Funding for the Laboratory facility and support staff is provided by the National Science Foundation, and by Indiana University.