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Skills that  a political science major  helps you to develop  that  are applicable to any job.

Ability to Communicate:

  • Present ideas clearly in writing and orally
  • Turn data into useable information
  • Argue and debate effectively
  • Negotiate and mediate conflicts
  • Listen critically.

Methods and Research:

  • Interpret and analyze data
  • Discern good information from bad
  • Perform basic quantitative analysis
  • Use summary statistics
  • Understand the basics of a reliable sample survey
  • Employ effectively a variety of research sources, including the Internet
  • Use computers with facility
  • Design research
  • Summarize findings
  • Test theories and hypotheses.

Analytical ability:

  • Interpret data
  • Understand components of complex problems
  • See problems from a variety of perspectives
  • Synthesize themes from complex issues
  • Think "outside the box"
  • Think internationally
  • Assess policy and propose options
  • Analyze and solve problems systematically and logically.

Planning and Development:

  • Organize information
  • Conceptualize problems
  • Implement strategies
  • Make effective decisions
  • Demonstrate leadership.

Group skills:

  • Work in a team and individually
  • Develop consensus
  • Interact effectively within a diverse environment
  • Explore careers in Political Science
  • Suggested reading list for people wishing to take the foreign service exam from the State department