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Internships are a very effective way to get practical experience, make contacts, and contribute to social programs. Political Science offers students the opportunity to earn credit for undergraduate internships connected to academic work.

Information about internship opportunities is available in Woodburn 210, on the Political Science Undergraduates at IU Facebook page, through the Walter Center for Career Achievement, and on the website of the Placement Office of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Finally, don't forget that one of the best ways to locate an internship opportunity is to write to public officials, organizations or groups that interest you.

The WASHINGTON LEADERSHIP PROGRAM is an excellent opportunity for internships in Washington, D.C. Students can earn a full semester of credit through the School of Public and Environment Affairs (SPEA) while interning with an organization compatible with their specific interest. The SPEA credit received may count toward the degree if space is available in the curriculum for outside the College elective credit. Consult a Political Science advisor for more information and check the website at

Arranging Credit for the Internships [other than the Washington Leadership Program]

One option for POLS students is POLS-X 477: Field Experience in Political Science (1-6 cr.) R: Junior or senior standing is recommended, as well as 15 hours in political science. Graded S/F. It is the student's responsibility to secure a faculty advisor, and return the form to Woodburn 210.

Please note that academic credit requires additional academic work to complement your internship responsibilities.

Many internships require you to be off campus for a full semester. There are several alternatives for obtaining credit as a full-time student, while pursuing a semester or yearlong internship. These include, in addition to the X477 internship credit, additional POLS X490 Readings in Political Science, a course from a school in the city of your internship, or credit through the Career Development Center, and various online course options. Consult an academic advisor with questions.

The Political Science department can offer internship scholarships to students who have enrolled in POLS-X477. When you have added the credit to your schedule for a future term, apply for the Wendell Wilkie Internship Scholarship by filling out the form here. log in with IU Google, + IU passphrase.

NOTE: If you cannot access the scholarship application, check off these steps:

  • Use Chrome or Firefox browser. (Not Safari or Explorer)
  • Go to and log in with your IU (EVERYONE uses to access IU Google -- NOT, not @umail or anything else)
  • Then try again to access the application document.

[If you have any problems with the application, please contact the department at 812.855.6308]