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Degree Requirements: Minor in International Relations

Are you interested in relations among nation states and supranational organizations, in the context of trade, diplomacy, or conflict?  Why countries turn to violence to solve problems, or how they cooperate to engage major global problems?  How the global economy affects political relations among countries?  If you are, you should take courses in the political science minor in international relations.

The Political Science Minor in International Relations provides you with the skills and substantive knowledge to understand the political expression of international governmental relations and supranational efforts to regulate conflict and promote international cooperation.  Through our courses, you will acquire the skills and tools to evaluate foundational questions about the sources of international political authority, the interaction of markets and politics, the sources of conflict and violence, and international human rights norms.

Students must complete 18 credit hours in Political Science with at least 9 credit hours at the 300–400 level, including six courses.

  1. POLS-Y 395 Quantitative Political Analysis (3 cr.)
  2. Five additional courses (15 cr.) including at least three courses from Block A—International and Comparative Politics, and at least one course from Block B—Methods and Policy.
  3. In fulfilling these requirements, students must also meet all other College requirements for minors.

Course Lists
Block A Courses—International and Comparative Politics

  • POLS-Y 107 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POLS-Y 109 Introduction to International Relations
  • POLS-Y 332 Russian Politics
  • POLS-Y 333 Chinese Politics
  • POLS-Y 334 Japanese Politics
  • POLS-Y 335 Western European Politics
  • POLS-Y 336 South East Asian Political Systems
  • POLS-Y 337 Latin American Politics
  • POLS-Y 338 African Politics
  • POLS-Y 339 Middle Eastern Politics
  • POLS-Y 340 East European Politics
  • POLS-Y 342 Topics on the Regional Politics of Africa
  • POLS-Y 343 The Politics of International Development
  • POLS-Y 345 Comparative Revolutions
  • POLS-Y 346 Politics in the Developing World
  • POLS-Y 347 German Politics
  • POLS-Y 348 The Politics of Genocide
  • POLS-Y 350 Politics of the European Union
  • POLS-Y 351 Political Simulations
  • POLS-Y 352 The Holocaust and Politics
  • POLS-Y 353 The Politics of Gender and Sexuality
  • POLS-Y 356 South Asian Politics
  • POLS-Y 360 United States Foreign Policy
  • POLS-Y 361 Contemporary Theories of International Politics
  • POLS-Y 362 International Politics of Selected Regions
  • POLS-Y 363 Comparative Foreign Policy
  • POLS-Y 364 International Organization: Political and Security Aspects
  • POLS-Y 366 Current Foreign Policy Problems
  • POLS-Y 367 International Law
  • POLS-Y 368 Russian and Soviet Foreign Policy
  • POLS-Y 372 The Analysis of International Politics
  • POLS-Y 374 International Organization
  • POLS-Y 375 War and International Conflict
  • POLS-Y 376 International Political Economy
  • POLS-Y 399 Politics of the United Nations

Block B Courses—Methods and Policy

  • POLS-Y 204 Institutional Analysis and Governance
  • POLS-Y 205 Analyzing Politics
  • POLS-Y 349 Comparative Public Policy
  • POLS-Y 372 The Analysis of International Politics
  • POLS-Y 405 Models and Theories of Political Decision Making