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Overseas Studies

Political Science students frequently study overseas for a semester, summer term, or academic year. Many courses in politics, government, or political science courses at foreign universities will gain you credit and count toward your degree in Political Science here at IU. However not all course will fulfill requirements—thus it is important to check both with the Office of Overseas Study as well as an Undergraduate Advisor in Political Science before you leave for overseas study and after you return.

In order to verify that credit can be given in the department for study overseas, the Director of Undergraduate Studies will need to see a syllabusor reading list from the course you took as well as samples of the written assignments you completed, after your return to the Bloomington campus. In many cases, there are already recorded equivalencies for courses taken in popular overseas study programs. But you must still present evidence of what the course was about, its requirements, and readings in order to get approval.

For further information, contact the Office of Overseas Study at