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Political and Civic Engagement Program

PACE: Political and Civic Engagement Certificate Program, is an interdisciplinary campus wide program that prepares undergraduate students for a lifetime of participation in American political and civic life. Its interdisciplinary courses and activities develop communication, organization, decision-making, critical thinking, and leadership skills; and PACE motivates students to be knowledgeable, effective, and committed citizens. Through PACE students take part in a wide range of political and civic organizations: advocacy groups, non-profit agencies, political campaigns, branches of local, state, and national government, community organizations, and the media. PACE students are ready to work in political and civic organizations right after graduation and to pursue post-graduate education in law, public policy, education, business, the media, social work, and many other fields. PACE also enhances the education of students headed toward careers in other areas such as health care or the arts who want to be engaged citizens.

Courses open to interested students include: PACE-C 250 Leadership and Public Policy, 3 credits, S&H; PACE-C 300 Issues, 3 credits, various topics; and the spring semester, PACE-C 200 Issues Forum, 1 credit, which meets on one Saturday afternoon in February and has an expert panel as well as small group deliberation led by trained student moderators.

PACE is also an interdisciplinary 22-credit undergraduate certificate program. Its curriculum combines academic study with hands-on learning to give students an education in democratic citizenship. For more specific information on how to apply, degree requirements, and advising in the program, go to the pace website at

Any undergraduate at Indiana University-Bloomington interested in gaining an education in democratic citizenship can apply to PACE. It welcomes the participation of students with a record of active engagement in political or civic activities as well as those who seek to become engaged. The PACE Certificate can be combined with any major offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and with undergraduate degree programs in many other schools at IUB.