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Previous Honors Theses


Lauren Aylward - tbd

Derek Fisher - tbd

Lillian Judge - tbd

Tyler Nocita - tbd

Katelyn Lutz - Marriage and Citizenship: An Analysis of Same-Sex Marriage Bans

Katelyn Mehling - Power of the Party: The Influence of the Tea Party Label in the 2010 House Elections

Elizabeth Mitchell - The Effects of Context on Social Identity

Ashley Spesard - Impacts of Mandated Religious Education of Immigrant Attitudes in Germany

Cody Vaughn - tbd

Emma Wesslund - The Real Problem with Youth Voters

Robert (Quishi) Yin - tbd


Brandyn Arnold - Constitutionalism in Latin America: The Politics of Constituent Assemblies

Kristen Cherry - Discourse and Doctrine: Bush Administration Rhetoric and Reality in the War on Terror

Mara Gonzalez Souto - Pariahs Past Recall? The Case of Classical Criminal Justice and Restorive Justice

Kelsey Gorman - Elections, Sterotypes and the American Voter: Application of Black and Female Stereotypes to American Electoral Candidates

Jinsoo Kim - Theoretical Analysis of US Grand Strategy and Political Ideology; a Case Study of George W. Bush and Barack Obama Presidencies

Gabrielle Malina - Negotiating the Conflict Between Religious Beliefes and Political Attitudes

Elizabeth Masten - The Phenomenon of Foreign Fighters: Motivations of Foreign Combatants in the Middle East

Renae Peden - Female Descriptive and Substantive Representation: A Complicated Correlation

Shelby Truitt - Democratization in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia after the Arab Spring

Xiaoyu Zhao - The "Hidden Dragon": Explaining Chinese Aggressive Chinese Aggressive Foreign Policy on the South China Sea Dispute


Sarah Babb - Religious Right?: American Evangelical Partisanship and Political Ideology

Ted Brackemyre - The Relevance of Optimum Currency Area Theory to the Speed of Federal Integrations

Laura Douglas - Street Art In London: Breaking Windows Or Displacing Populations?

Susan Caldwell - Interstate War And Domestic Repression After 9/11: The Case of The Afghanistan and Iraq Wars

Cassady Palmer - Unions and Schools: The good, the bad, and the unknown of education influence

Triet Pham - Escaping the Constraints: A Focus on the United Nations Security Council to Explain the United States Use of Force

Samuel Quigley - The Evolution of The Role of Terror In Communist States

Dimitrije Tasic - Economic convergence and the EU integration process: The case of post-communist Balkan countries

John Tejcek - Party Financial Support of US Senate Candidates: An Analysis of Formal and Informal Contributions


Zhe Feng - Chinese Food Safety: What Can We Eat in China?

Lindsey Keiser - Political Structure as an Indicator of Religious Freedom: Analysis of Soviet Bloc Countries, 1970 - 2012.

Alexander Mirowski - Cyber-paradise Lost: An Examination of Obstacles in the Cybersecurity Policy-Making Process.

Aileen Richardson - The European Political Environment 1974 - 2012: The Political Consequences of Crisis Response.

Sarah Turner - Success in Social Movements: Looking at Constitutional-Based Demands to Determine The Potential Success of Social Movements.


Brian Blankenship - Dropping the Bomb: Explaining Nuclear Reversal.

Joshua Bruce - A Cultural Theory of Judicial Decision Making Among United States Supreme Court Justices.

Kristen Ditsch - The Influences of Logo Design and Branding on Political Campaigns.

Benjamin Nellans - Congressional Veterans and the Foreign Policy Power.

Kylie Poulin - Intervention from Above: The United States, Russia, and Power Transition in the Middle East.

Jordan Rose - The Politics of Funding State Veteran's Benefits during Economic Downturn.

Allison Torline - Civic Education and Youth Voter Turnout: The Federated States of Germany during Elections for the European Parliament.

Julia Valdes - The Influence of Emotional Campaigns on Voting Behavior in Environmental Referenda.

Scott Williamson - Divided We Stand, The Resilience of Monarchies in the Arab Spring.


Isak Osagyefo Nti Asare - The Throne and the Ballot Box: The Formal Integration of Traditional Institutions in the Modern African State and Democratic Consolidation

Ryan Cowan - Congressional Interest in Professional Sports During the Steroid Era

Amanda Hariton - Satirical Political Media and Youth Political Participation: A Look at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report

Justin D. Kingsolver - Prospects for Continued European Political Integration

Corey Mason - Democracy in Tanzania?: The Role of NGOs in Fostering Government Accountability

Sara Richey - Is United Nations Peacekeeping a Practical Policy Instrument?: Factors that Influence the Success of Peacekeeping Operations.

Kimberly Sarabia - America, Land of Immigrants? Economic Hard Times and American Public Opinion Towards Immigration from 1993 to 2010

Francis K. White - Socialist Economic Development and State Terrorism in the Soviet Union

A list of honors theses from 2000 to the present