Maryum Alam

Maryum Alam

Graduate Student


B.A., Political Science and Biology, Hofstra University

About Maryum Alam

Maryum Alam was born on Long Island, NY, where she received her B.A. with honors in Political Science and Biology from Hofstra University in 2016. Fascinated by small wars and political violence, she completed a B.A. thesis entitled "When Does Counteringurgency Work? An Analysis of Counterinsurgency Work? An Analysis of Counterinsurgency Campaigns After 1945," which won Hofstra's Undergraduate Library Research Award for Social Sciences. Her primary research interests revolve around international security with an emphasis on the organization, tactics, and strategy of non-state armed groups (e.g. insurgent and terrorist movements) and the interaction and dynamics of these groups with state actors in the international system. She is also interested in the efficacy of state counterinsurgency and counterterrorism policies in asymmetrical warfare, with a regional focus on armed conflicts in Central and South Asia (particularly Afghanistan and Pakistan), as well as the greater Middle East.

In her free time she enjoys biking, travelling, experimenting with new recipies, and watching documentaries.