Tonya Kenny

Tonya Kenny

Graduate Student


B.A., Political Science, minor in French, Louisiana State University
M.A., Political Science, Louisiana State University

About Tonya Kenny

Tonya Kenny is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her research interests primarily focus on electoral institutions, democratic consolidation, state repression, political survival, clientelism, and election fraud. Her interests mainly pertain to the region of sub-saharan Africa, but she has conducted several cross-national analyses and case studies outside the region as well. Her current research seeks to understand the electoral consequences of repressive behavior from the state as well as the influence of clientelism on electoral outcomes and democratic consolidation, with a particular focus on the region of sub-saharan Africa. Additionally, she is currently working on a project that investigates the cross-national determinants of election fraud using new measurements and multiple regression analysis.

Tonya presented at the 74th annual Midwest political science conference in Chicago. The title of the paper is "Electoral Determinants of State Repression in Democracies."