Career Preparation

Political Science can take you anywhere

“So you want to get into politics?”

If you’re a Political Science major, you can expect to hear that a lot. And it’s true, many politicians do have Political Science degrees. But so do professors, lawyers, and political writers. In addition to work in the federal and state government, you could pursue a career in marketing and communications, business, non-profit organizations, education, and in international affairs. With a Political Science degree, the world is open to you, because the skills you learn can be applied to any job you land upon graduation.

Skills for now + the future

You will likely change careers at least once in your working life, and you need a skill set flexible enough to change with you. Your ability to communicate, to discern good information from bad, to see problems from a variety of perspectives are the skills that will help you find an excellent first destination job. They’re also the abilities that, as you continue to hone them, will make you successful at whatever you choose to do.

Your degree will also prepare you for any advanced studies you may want to do, whether it is furthering your education in in political science, or going to business school, law school, or medical school.

Melissa Garvey

My background in Political Science and International Relations provides an exceptional foundation for the work I now do developing strategy and leading teams to protect oceans and coastal areas around the world to benefit people and nature. Understanding the political history, as well as past and current legal structures, is a necessity when working with local staff and partners to develop and implement science-driven ocean protection, and coastal/community resilience work  throughout the globe. I also lead a team that is deeply involved in negotiations of multilateral (e.g. UN) agreements for protection of the high seas. My background in political science and law gives me the needed perspective and credibility to lead effectively. 

Melissa Garvey, B.A. 1996, Political Science, Managing Director, Global Oceans Strategic Initiatives at The Nature Conservancy