Graduate Award Program 2016

Graduate Awards Ceremony

April 29, 2016

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Short Term Summer Fellowship - Professor Tim Hellwig
Kevin Taber

SSRC IDRF (Mellon) Fellowship - Professor Abdulkader Sinno
Cathryn Johnson

Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant from NSF - Professor Abdulkader Sinno
Jason Stone

Sothern Political Science Association Grant to Present "The Dynamics of Presidential Legacies" - Professor Armando Razo
Sean Byrne

The Grant from POMEPS - Professor Armando Razo
Justin Schon

Harrell Rodgers Graduate Student Travel Scholarship, MPSA - Professor Armando Razo
Kevin Taber

Latin American Studies Association Travel Grant - Professor Armando Razo
Wyand Kastart

Selected Student Publications

Adam Abelkop, Dean John Graham, Dr. Todd Royer: Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic (PBT) Chemicals: Technical Aspects, Policies, and Practices (2015)

Adam Abelkop, Dean John Graham: “Regulation of Chemical Risks: Lessons for Reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act from Canada and the European Union,” Pace Environmental Law Review (2015)

Alex Badas: "The Public's Motivated Response to Supreme Court Decision-Making." Justice System Journal, (Forthcoming)

Stefan Carpenter, Elizabeth Baldwin, Dan Cole: "A Polycentric Turn: A Case Study of Kenya's Evolving Legal Regime for Irrigated Waters." Natural Resources Journal (Forthcoming)

Matthew Fowler: "Race Still Matters: Political Ideology and the South." PS: Political Science and Politics. (2016)

Chris Miller, Sanya Carley, Sean Nicholson-Crotty: “Adoption, Reinvention, and Amendment of Renewable Portfolio Standards in the American States.” Journal of Public Policy (in press)


Welcoming Remarks - Professor Armado Razo

Departmental Awards and Recognition

Katherine C. Greenough Award
Professor Lauren MacLean

For Outstanding Dissertation
Carolyn Holmes

  • Dissertation: The Black and White Rainbow: Reconciliation, Opposition, and Nation-Building in Democratic South Africa

Graduate Leadership Award>
Professor Armando Razo
Alex Badas and Alison Carden

Outstanding Associate Instructor - Professor Marjorie Hershey
Kirk Harris

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper - Professor Abdulkader Sinno
Alex Antony
“Industrialization, Trade, and Democracy”

John V. Gillespie Memorial Scholarship - Professor Matthew Hayes (To Attend ICPSR)
Alex Antony

John P. Lovell Memorial Scholarship - Professor Aurelian Craiutu
Alex Antony, Justin Schon, and Kentaro Sakuwa

Benjamin A. Most Memorial Scholarship - Professor Ted Carmines
Yehuda Magid and Justin Schon

Institute for Qualitative and Multimethods Research (Partial support from Katherine C. Greenough Scholarship Fund) - Professor Tim Hellwig
Brandon Miliate

Perspectives Staff Appreciation Announcement - Professor Jeff Isaac

External Awards and Recognition

Ostrom Workshop Graduate Student Research Award - Professor Margie Hershey
Cathryn Johnson, Tim Model, Justin Schon, Alissa Strunk, Maria Waqar

Teaching Fellowship at Stanford Law School - Professor Margie Hershey
Adam Abelkop

Student Merit Award, Society of Risk Law and Policy Subgroup - Professor Margie Hershey
Adam Abelkop

Graduate and Professional Student Government Research Award - Professor Margie Hershey
Alissa Strunk

Best Paper for Public and Environmental Policy at the ASPS Conference - Professor Margie Hershey
Stefan Carpenter

College of Arts and Sciences Conference Travel Awards - Professor Matthew Hayes
Prashant Hosur, David Ruigh

Dissertation Completion Fellowship - Professor Matthew Hayes
Kirk Harris

Dissertation Research Fellowship - Professor Matthew Hayes
Rafael Khachaturian

Center for American Politics Research Grant - Professor Ted Carmines
Matthew Fowler

Travel Grant - Professor Ted Carmines
Matthew Fowler

CRRES Student Research Grant - Professor Ted Carmines
Matthew Fowler, Kevin Taber

REEI/Mellon Endowment Travel Grant - Professor Tim Hellwig
Oksana Cherezova