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Undergraduate Program

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WELCOME to the Undergraduate Program at Indiana University-Bloomington.  We are a nationally ranked political science department that offers great opportunities for studying politics, getting involved in civic engagement, and preparing students for exciting jobs as well as professional and graduate study.  As a student of political science, you can explore many different dimensions of political life, ranging from small groups and citizens' organizations, urban settings, to individual nations, supranational organizations, and the international system.

The Political Science Major provides you with the skills and knowledge to understand the theory and practice of government and politics, both here in the US and internationally.  Through our courses, you will learn about political institutions and processes, and develop the capacity to think critically about political controversies, public policies, and societal outcomes. 

Our undergraduate majors have opportunities to learn first-hand about politics through internships, study abroad, in-depth research on honors projects or through faculty research grants.  IUB students who earn degrees in political science pursue careers in government service, NGOs and non-profit agencies, law, business, journalism, politics, public policy analysis, and education.

Political Science at IUB is one of the largest majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, with some 700 students majoring and about 100 minoring in political science.  In addition, we offer two specialized interdepartmental majors in partnership with the Economics and the Philosophy departments.

We are proud of our academic offerings, and the extensive student interest in our program.   The faculty’s research and teaching, and the students’ classroom and civic engagement foster an articulate and thoughtful citizenry committed to building stronger political communities around the nation and the world.

Margie Hershey
Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies