Expand your world

IU’s Political Science graduate program is one of the most respected and oldest in the nation, dating back to 1915. Our program is multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary. All of our faculty strive to integrate theory and practice to advance our knowledge of politics. We offer areas of study in American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Philosophy, and Political Methodology, and receive support from research centers like the Center on American Politics. We also offer an outside minor for students who are pursuing a graduate degree in another department or school.

Scholarship & professional skills

In addition to substantive coursework directed by student interest, we equip students with necessary professional skills. We offer workshops and seminars that focus on teaching, writing research grants, publishing journal articles, and how to balance your teaching, research, and service requirements. We work hard to cultivate a real community between graduate students and faculty by hosting brown-bag sessions and workshops that expose students to various stages of the research enterprise. Students are encouraged to collaborate with faculty on research projects. The department is dedicated to helping our students secure jobs post-graduation, in academia, the government, and the private sector.