Student Experience

Opportunity + Experience

Our students are active participants in department activities, serving as interns, attending lectures and conferences, participating on our undergraduate advisory board, and more. All of these extracurricular opportunities help to provide the experiences you will need to pursue your passions and build a career.

Overseas study

Our Political Science students frequently study overseas for a semester, summer term, or academic year. Many courses in politics, government, or political science courses at foreign universities will gain you credit and count toward your degree in Political Science here at IU.

Visit IU Overseas Study’s website

Midwest Model EU

In the Midwest Model European Union (MMEU), students take on the roles of EU officials: foreign ministers, economics ministers, and members of the European Commision, among others—to solve the Europe's most pressing economic, social, and political problems. Those interested can enroll in POLS-X476 and receive course credit.


You can also enroll in POLS-X476 to participate in experimental research, simulations, or moot court sessions.

Political and Civic Engagement Certificate Program (PACE)

The Political and Civic Engagement Certificate Program offers an interdisciplinary certificate that prepares you for a lifetime of participation in American political and civic life. PACE also offers an interdisciplinary minor in Leaders and Leadership.

Any undergraduate at Indiana University-Bloomington interested in gaining an education in democratic citizenship can apply to PACE. It welcomes the participation of students with a record of active engagement in political or civic activities as well as those who seek an education in democratic citizenship can take courses in PACE and consider adding a creditential.

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