Make sense of the world around you

Do you like to explore controversial issues? Are you interested in the politics of the U.S. and other countries? Do you enjoy examining the dynamics of influence, leadership, and civic engagement? If so, then Political Science may be a good choice for you.

Political science is, at its core, the study of power: how it is allocated, who exercises it, and how can we safeguard against its abuse. In today’s rapid-paced, hyper-partisan environment, the insights of political science are increasing in importance along with the complexity of political issues.

Our students study conflict between nations, what makes terrorist groups successful, the effectiveness of constitutions, the various forms of conventional and unconventional political participation, and the foundations of democratic political thought.

A degree in Political Science will provide you with the writing, communication, and analytic tools to succeed in the world after college.

Two muslim women holding up art of Muslim women wearing an American flag over their heads
Niccolo Macchiavelli
A building in Berlin
Mara Gonzales Souto

Majoring in Political Science at IU allowed me to extend my interests to an international scope, exposing me to similar approaches, challenges and solutions in different societies and political systems. The study of this field not only broadened my curiosity and interests, but also allowed me to take a more ambitious approach to my career by introducing me to seemingly unrelated areas, opportunities and career options

Mara Gonzales Souto, B.A. 2015, Political Science