Political Science B.A.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The Political Science B.A. provides you with the skills and knowledge to understand the theory and practice of government and politics, both here in the U.S. and internationally. Through our courses, you will learn about political institutions and processes, and develop the capacity to think critically about political controversies, public policies, and societal outcomes.

Our undergraduate majors have opportunities to learn first-hand about politics through internships, study abroad, and in-depth research on honors projects or through faculty research grants. Our students pursue careers in government service, NGOs and non-profit agencies, law, business, journalism, politics, public policy analysis, and education.

We also offer two interdepartmental majors: Political Science and Economics and Political Science and Philosophy.

I gained a deep and balanced understanding of the roles of the branches of our government, the government’s constituencies, and the U.S. political system, among other things. I learned critical thinking and communication skills. This knowledge and experience provided a firm foundation for my law school education as well as my career in the law. 

Steven Klawans, B.A. 1992, Political Science, Attorney with the Federal Government