Norman Furniss

Norman Furniss

Professor Emeritus, Political Science


  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 1971

About Norman Furniss

Professor Furniss' academic interests are in the areas of comparative politics and public policy. His research focuses on the problems of modernization and political change in advanced industrial states, with particular attention to the West European experience. He is concerned in particular with the role of property rights, comparative public policy, and political futures for the "welfare state." Professor Furniss has written, with Professor Timothy Tilton, The Case for the Welfare State: From Social Security to Social Equality. He has edited and contributed to Futures for the Welfare State and Turkish Workers in Europe. His articles have been published in Acta Politica, The American Political Science Review, Development and Change, Dissent, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Politics, Political Studies, Public Administration Review, Research in Political Sociology, and World Politics. He has contributed chapters to Roger Benjamin and Stephen Elkin, eds., The Democratic State; Raymond Hall, ed., Ethnic Autonomy-Comparative Dynamics; Harrell Rogers, ed., Public Policy and Social Institutions; Jerold Waltman and Donley Studlar, eds., Dilemmas of Change in British Politics; and Douglas Ashford, ed., History and Context in Comparative Public Policy.