Leroy N. Rieselbach

Leroy N. Rieselbach

Professor Emeritus, Political Science


  • Ph.D., Yale University, 1964

About Leroy N. Rieselbach

Professor Rieselbach is concerned with American national government. His interests lie chiefly in the areas of national institutions, focusing on the legislative process and the presidency, and individual political behavior, especially public opinion and voting behavior. The courses previously offered by Professor Rieselbach reflect these interests. Professor Rieselbach's books include: The Roots of Isolationism (1966); The Congressional System: Notes and Readings, (ed., 1970, Second Edition, 1979); Legislative Reform: The Policy Impact (1978); (with Joseph Unekis) Congressional Committee Politics (1984); Congressional Reform (1977, 1986, 1994); and Congressional Politics (1995). He has contributed to The American Political Science Review, Public Opinion Quarterly, The American Journal of Political Science, The Annals, Congress and the Presidency, Legislative Studies Quarterly, and other journals.