Sulaiman Qeyamat

Sulaiman Qeyamat

Graduate Student

Joint Ph.D.

About Sulaiman Qeyamat

Sulaiman Qeyamat is a Joint Public Policy Ph.D. student. He believes that public policy and administration scholarship offers a high degree of transferable knowledge to enhance public performance delivery in comparative contexts. It is within this broader scheme that Sulaiman concentrates on the fields of Comparative Politics and Public Management. He is interested in exploring the relationship between institutional design and public policy processes and administration in comparative settings.

Prior to beginning his studies at IU, Sulaiman was a fellow at Afghanistan’s Center for Research and Policy Studies. He also worked with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation where he developed and supported programs in organizational capacity building for Afghan state institutions and political parties, gender and women’s empowerment, conflict transformation, and participation of marginalized groups in democratic political processes.

Sulaiman has a Master of Public Affairs (M.P.A.) with concentrations in Policy Analysis and Economic Development from Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). He also holds an MD degree from Kabul Medical University.