Graduate Award Program 2017

Graduate Awards Ceremony

April 28, 2017

Selected Student Publications

Laura Bucci: “The Influence of Incumbency and Partisanship on Fenno’s Paradox: Evidence from Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan.” With Timothy S. Rich. Journal of Asian and African Studies (Forthcoming)

Laura Bucci: “White Working Class Politics and the Consequences of Declining Unionization in the Age of Trump.” Review Essay. Politics, Groups, and Identities 5(2) (Forthcoming)

Rafael Khachaturian: “Statist Political Science and American Marxism: A Historical Encounter,” Contemporary Political Theory (Forthcoming)

Simon Luo: "Book Review of The China model: political meritocracy and the limits of democracy,” Asian Journal of Political Science, (online, 22 Nov 2016)

Eric R. Schmidt: " The Influence of Religious-Political Sophistication on U.S. Public Opinion." Political Behavior (Forthcoming)

Eric R. Schmidt, William T. Bianco: "Knowing What We're Getting: Evaluating Research Output on the International Space Station." Social Science Quarterly (Forthcoming)


Welcoming Remarks - Professor Armado Razo

Departmental Awards and Recognition

Katherine C. Greenough Award
Professor Timothy Hellwig

For Outstanding Dissertation
Yesola Kweon

  • Dissertation: “Orienting the Welfare State: Electoral Systems, Social Cleavages and Policy Priorities”

Graduate Leadership Award>
Professor Armando Razo
Alex Antony and Tim Model

Outstanding Associate Instructor (Partial support from John P. Lovell Scholarship Fund) - Professor Marjorie Hershey
Tim Model and David Ruigh

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper -Professor Jerry Wright
Eric Schmidt
“The Influence of Religious–Political Sophistication on U.S. Public Opinion”

John V. Gillespie Memorial Scholarship - Professor Regina Smyth (To Attend ICPSR)
David Endicott

Benjamin A. Most Memorial Scholarship - Professor Will Winecoff
Alex Antony

Institute for Qualitative and Multimethods Research (Partial support from Katherine C. Greenough Scholarship Fund) - Professor Lauren MacLean
Dima Kortukov

Perspectives Staff Appreciation Announcement - Professor Jeff Isaac
Managing Editor: James Moskowitz; Editorial Assistants: Laura Bucci, Rachel Gears, Peter Giordano, Fathima Musthaq, Katie Scofield, and Katey Stauffer

External Awards and Recognition

President's Diversity Dissertation Fellowship - Professor Jerry Wright
NaLette Brodnax, Shelli Powell

Future Faculty Teaching Fellowship - Professor Jerry Wright
Kevin Taber

Graduate and Professional Student Government Travel Award - Professor Jerry Wright
Alex Antony, Jason Stone

Phillip J. Rutledge Fellowship - Professor Margie Hershey
NaLette Brodnax

College of Arts and Sciences Conference Travel Award - Professor Margie Hershey
Fathima Musthaq, Justin Schon, Katey Stauffer

Dissertation Completion Fellowship - Professor Margie Hershey
Matthew Kuchem, Justin Schon

Russian Studies Workshop Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship - Professor Regina Smyth
Katie Stewart, Tom Wonder

Russian Studies Workshop Summer Research Funding - Professor Regina Smyth
Dima Kortukov, Tim Model

Russian Studies Workshop ASEES Travel Award - Professor Regina Smyth
Tom Wonder

African Studies Program Carleton T. Hodge Award - Professor Lauren MacLean
Kirk Harris

FLAS Summer Fellowship for Arabic - Professor Lauren MacLean
Monica Komer

European Consortium for Political Research Travel Award - Professor Lauren MacLean
Wynand Kastart