Graduate Award Program 2018

Graduate Awards Ceremony

April 20, 2018
Selected Student Publications:

Yehuda Magid & Justin Schon: “Introducing the African Relational Pro-Government Militias Dataset,” Forthcoming at International Interactions.

Eric R. Schmidt: 2018. “The Influence of Religious-Political Sophistication on U.S. Public Opinion.” Political Behavior 40(1): 21-53.

Eric R. Schmidt and William T. Bianco: “Knowing What We’re Getting: Evaluating Scientific Research on the International Space Station.” Social Science Quarterly 98(4): 1151-1159.

Eric R. Schmidt and Edward G. Carmines: 2018. “A Discussion of Katherine J. Cramer’s The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker.” (Contribution to book review symposium.) Perspectives on Politics 15(2): 527-528.

Eric R. Schmidt and Edward G. Carmines: "Critical Elections, Partisan Realignment, and Long-Term Electoral Change in American Politics." Forthcoming at Oxford Bibliographies Online.


Welcoming Remarks:  Professor Timothy Hellwig, Director of Graduate Studies

Departmental Awards and Recognition

Graduate Leadership Award, Professor Timothy Hellwig
Samuel Bestvater & Colin Fisk

Katherine C. Greenough Award, Professor Regina Smyth
For Outstanding Dissertation
Katie Stewart

Outstanding Associate Instructor, Professor Margie Hershey
Partial Support from John V. Gillespie Scholarship Fund
Yehuda Magid & Justin Schon

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper, Professor Cyanne Loyle
Sam Bestvater

John P. Lovell Award, Professor Cyanne Loyle
To Attend Isa
Prashant Hosur Suhas & Shelliann Israelsen

Benjamin A. Most Memorial Scholarship, Professor Cyanne Loyle
Justin Schon

John V. Gillespie Memorial Scholarship, Professor Jerry Wright
Wynand Kastart, Timothy Model, & Eric Schmidt

Inter-University Consortium For Political & Social Research, Professor Jerry Wright
Partial Support from Katherine C. Greenough Scholarship Fund
Daniel Muck & Donovan Watts

Institute for Qualitative And Multimethods Research, Professor Lauren Maclean
Partial Support from Katherine C. Greenough Scholarship Fund
Maryum Alam & Nabila Rahman

Walter H.C. Laves Memorial Fund For International Understanding & Cooperation, Professor Lauren MacLean
Fathima Musthaq

External Awards and Recognition

African Studies Program, Carleton T. Hodge Award, Professor Lauren MacLean
Cathryn Johnson

Office of Sustainability, Student Research, Professor Margie Hershey
Nabila Rahman

College Of Arts & Sciences
Conference Travel Award, Professor Margie Hershey
Colin Fisk & Timothy Model

Russian Studies Workshop, Methods Training Workshop, Professor Regina Smyth
Samuel Bestvater

Kennan Institute Summer Scholarship, Professor Regina Smyth
Timothy Model

Ostrom Fellowship, Professor Aurelian Craiutu
(AY 18/19)
Cathryn Johnson

Flas Summer Fellowship, Professor Aurelian Craiutu
Tonya Kenny

Clacs Tinker Field Research Grant, Professor Aurelian Craiutu
Renzo de la Riva Aguero