The Foreign Policy Attitudes of Indian Elites

Foreign Policy Analysis

The Foreign Policy Attitudes of Indian Elites
Sumit Ganguly, Timothy Hellwig, William R. Thompson
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Foreign policy belief systems have received much attention. Yet nearly all work examines attitudes in western democracies, chiefly the United States. The current security environment requires that we ask whether the foreign policy views of individuals in other nationsparticularly regional powersare similar in structure to those found in the US case. This article does so for the Indian case. Drawing on studies of US opinion, we develop a set of claims and test them on an original data set on Indian elites


Sumit Ganguly, Timothy Hellwig, and William R. Thompson. 2017. "The Foreign Policy Attitudes of Indian Elites: Variance, Structure, and Common Denominators". Foreign Policy Analysis 13(2): 416-438.