POLS-Y364: International Organization: Political Security

POLS-Y364 — Fall 2023

Ore Koren
Days and Times
Monday and Wednesday, 3:00–4:15 p.m.
Course Description

International relations are an integral part of our modern world and have a crucial effect on shaping our everyday life. Conflict and peace, physical and environmental security, prosperity, and economic development are all affected as the interactions between different states and ac- tors create new “winners” and “losers.”’ Who are the actors that shape the international arena? What factors govern the way in which it is being shaped? This course will systematically analyze different ways of international organization, with a focus on international security and the instruments that enable and facilitate international relations. Particular attention will be given to the contemporary role of international institutions, as well as their historical structuring and functioning; to security motivations and economic relations; to the requisites and limits of cooperation; and to emerging zones of international security.