Fall Intensive Session course spotlight

COLL-X311: Politics, Pandemics, and Novels (2 cr.)

Between 1918-19, an influenza pandemic consumed the lives of 50 million people across the world and resulted in the deaths of 675,000 Americans. We are now in the throes of another pandemic for which there is not yet a vaccine and therapeutic options are limited. This course will examine how governments have historically responded to past pandemics, how politics have shaped those responses, and how societies have reacted to them as depicted in three novels.

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Two muslim women holding up art of Muslim women wearing an American flag over their heads
Niccolo Macchiavelli
A building in Berlin
Mara Gonzales Souto

Majoring in Political Science at IU allowed me to extend my interests to an international scope, exposing me to similar approaches, challenges and solutions in different societies and political systems. The study of this field not only broadened my curiosity and interests, but also allowed me to take a more ambitious approach to my career by introducing me to seemingly unrelated areas, opportunities and career options

Mara Gonzales Souto, B.A. 2015, Political Science