International Political Economy


William Kindred Winecoff
Course Description

The politics of global economic production, investment, and exchange is in the headlines every day, for good reason: it has a profound impact on the everyday lives of everyone in society.

This course analyzes important issues in our interconnected world such as the origination and spread of financial crises, the distributional consequences of international trade, the governance role of international institutions (such as the International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization), the politics of inequality, and the experiences of developing countries hoping to thrive in a world economy that has traditionally been dominated by industrial powerhouses. As such, the course traces the history of the international political economy, examines the present (including frequent discussions of current events as they develop), and offers some possibilities for the future. It is ideal not only for Political Science majors, but also as a complement to many academic tracks in Economics, Kelley, SPEA, SGIS, and other units.